Big things are happening right now at Illinois Connection. Summer is here and we are busy getting ready for fall. We are planting food plots, mowing food plots, hanging treestands and oh yeah, we are adding an enormous addition onto the lodge! The addition will bring the total size of the lodge up to 12,000 square feet with two formal dining rooms, 14 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms.

You might look at this addition and think, “Doug has lost his mind! He must be planning to run thousands of hunters through that place this fall!” That is not the case. We have no plans of bringing in lots more hunters, but we do have plans.

The addition will allow us to give our guests more privacy. When people go on a vacation of any kind, they want to be able to relax. You can’t do that if you are crammed in a room with 25 other hunters. We will be able to accommodate husbands and wives who would like to come an experience Illinois Connection together. They will have their own private bedroom and bathroom.

The addition will allow people to spread out more at meal time and after. The last thing you want to do after a long day of hunting is be elbow to elbow with a group of other people. We will have two formal dining rooms so people can spread out and enjoy themselves.

We will also be able to host parties and banquets outside of hunting season. Some of you may be looking for the perfect place to have a celebration of some kind like a family reunion or birthday party. Now we will be able to host these types of events.

The best thing is we still have monster bucks running around our 16,000 acres of private land. If you are looking for the best accommodations and the best whitetail hunting in the Midwest, look no further than Illinois Connection!