Pro Hunter Mark Luster Talks About Illinois Connection With Tracy Breen

Q: How many bucks have you killed at Illinois Connection? What was the biggest?

A: I have shot two bucks at Illinois Connections in two trips there; my biggest was a 164” ten-point.

Q: Did you hunt over food plots? Does Illinois Connection have several nice food plots?

A: Both of my bucks were shot over food plots in the early season. Doug and the Illinois Connection crew take pride in having the best food available for their deer herd and it shows! With a good combination of grains and greens, they have the best food in the area!

Q: What do you think separates Illinois Connection from the competition?

A: Illinois Connections is not your regular run-of-the-mill outfit that puts as many people through as possible with no regard to their deer herd. Doug and his team have several thousand acres and keep pressure to any given area at a minimum. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Every year, the Illinois Connections clients take some of the biggest deer in that state!

Q: I know you are a bowhunter. Do you feel like Illinois Connection is set up with the bowhunter in mind?

A: Being a bowhunter primarily, I tend to look at things from a bowhunters’ point of view. Doug and his guys literally hundreds of stands a year. Some of them are set for the gun hunter in mind for sure but the lions share are set up to have a close encounter with an Illinois giant!

Q: Will you be hunting at Illinois Connection this fall?

A: As long as Doug and the guys at Illinois Connection have an opening, I will be going back! In two trips to Illinois Connection, I have hunted a grand total of four days and left with two bucks totaling 315″ of antler! Doug would have a hard time keeping me away!