Blood Tracking Dogs / Tracker John

Illinois Connection is pleased to be able to offer to our clients the services of renowned tracker John Engelken and his bloodhounds. The huge bodied, mature bucks we manage for are extremely tough animals. Even with decent hits they often go long distances, creating difficult tracking situations. Tracker John’s professional, full-time service is uniquely oriented to the needs of the serious trophy hunter, with blood trailing strategies specifically designed for the recovery of trophy bucks.

John trains intensively, year-round, and has three decades of professional experience. John has bowhunted, guided, and tracked extensively from throughout the Midwest to sub-arctic Canada. His tracking service is used by the biggest names in the hunting industry. When your buck of a lifetime is on the line, stakes are at their highest. It’s a god-send having the best trailing team and techniques on your side – and a fascinating experience to observe.

The very first time we used John’s service was to recover a 195″ drop-tine buck for long time client Luke Wilkens. On the next track John recovered a high 150’s buck for Daryl Edwards that had been lost. Our eyes were opened to the value of his service and we haven’t looked back since. We recover deer we wouldn’t otherwise and with less disturbance to our hunting ground. We are proud of the working relationship we have with Tracker John.

“When it comes to finding a trophy buck, John Engelken apparently has the formula down pat…”

“Need expert tracking? You can’t do better than John Engelken and his four-legged partners…”


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  • And many other sport and entertainment personalities rely on TRACKERJOHN and his BLOODHOUNDS