What Makes Us Different By: Tracy Breen

We are often asked, “What makes you different from every other Illinois whitetail outfitter?” There are many things that make us different but today I am going to focus on one thing that makes us different which is the number of treestands we have in the woods.

We hunt on roughly 16,000 acres of land. As a result, we have treestands placed on dozens of food plots, runways and farm fields. We have hundreds of treestands in the woods during the fall. Our treestands are all top notch treestands. You won’t find 2×4 platforms and fifty year-old plywood shacks. At Illinois Connection, you will find easy-to-climb lock on stands and ladder stands. Even our shooting houses are new and designed to keep hunters dry and comfortable.

We understand that not every hunter can easily climb into a lock-on treestand, which is why we offer Millennium ladder stands that have comfortable seats that make staying on stands for hours extremely easy for almost everyone.

By having hundreds of stands in the woods and a type of stand for every type of hunter, we are able to offer many options for hunters. Some hunters like hunting small secluded food plots, some like hunting near a bedding area and others prefer soybeans.

Since our hunters have many stand/food source options, our hunters get to see lots of deer and deer behavior they rarely see anywhere else because our deer see very little hunting pressure.

If you are looking for an outfitter who offers top notch food plots and top-of-the-line treestands, look no further. We would love to see you this fall.