Pictures don’t lie…and… if you look at all the trail camera photos we have up on our website from this summer, one thing is certain. We have many big bucks running around on our properties. “Over the past couple years, there have been many rumors floating around that EHD has taken its toll on Illinois, but we are seeing many large bucks here. I’m not just talking about one or two; every time we check out the pictures from a trail camera, there is a huge buck,” Doug Benefield said.

There are many huge bucks and the food plots are looking great. “Our farms have received a lot of rain this year. As a result, all the crops, including the food plots, are looking great. We cannot wait for deer season to get here,” Benefield added.

Currently we are in the process of getting the treestands hung and the ground blinds in place. “We have hundreds of stands in the trees so hunters will have plenty of options when they get here. With roughly 16,000 acres of land and a lodge built for a king, we offer everything a hardcore hunter could ever want right here in the heart of Illinois,” Benefield noted.